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The Uvuyo team has had over 18 years in the industry, expanding from South Africa to Belgium and to the rest of the world.

Uvuyo Travel and Events, specialises in tailor-made tours, offering you the flexibility to design your trip exactly how you would dream it.  With our expertise we will give your advise and assist you to craft the ideal trip.  

As a company with passion and soul, we see your well-deserved holiday to be as unique as your fingerprint.  Let us put your fingerprint on your tour and make it uniquely your own.


Annelise lievens

Born a farm girl, Annelise grew up on an ostrich farm near Oudtshoorn, South Africa. She has always believed there is much more to the world than just her own country.  This led her to explore the world, starting in 1996. A passion that grew with each adventure, coloured by each culture and country she visited. As a person she believed in being different and from then she spent her time building the perfect tour for each of her clients, based on their own interests; unique requirements, budgets and personal dreams. A passion for people and travel is what motivates and inspires her life!!

Annelise believes: "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!"

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