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At the foot of the African Continent, is a country where towering mountains meet endless oceans. A land where the elephant and the ant live side by side, as do rich and poor, modern and ancient...  a beautiful land called



The sound of silence; endless, magnificent and unimaginable. A country, home to the 1000 starts hotels; ruthless nature that teaches lessons in humility, among many  others. There simply is no frame of reference for, and nothing that comes close to seeing the sunset at Sossus Vlei, spending the day playing at Swakopmund or visiting the Himba in Damaraland. You have to experience it for yourself. And then you will encourage others to do the same.”

Chile & Argentina

Chile & Argentina awakens the curiosity of the adventure traveler. With startling contrasts and extreme beauty, with attractions ranging from towering volcanic peaks of the Andes, the longest continental mountain range in the world, to the ancient forests of the Lake District to the windswept plateau Patagonia, featuring mountain valleys, grasslands, forests and lakes, ice fields and glaciers... INDESCRIBABLE DIVERSITY which leaves you in owe...

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“Peru, the richest country in the world,” invites us to discover that being rich isn’t about having the most; it’s about experiencing the most unforgettable moments. And these experiences begin on a trip to Peru, a place where the diversity and authenticity of the culture, nature and food hold the essence of life itself.

Arrangements for kids - check

Frozen food for husband/boyfriend - check

Pets taken care of - check

Lipstick packed - check

Hop on board the hot mess express, because ladies remember on this tour "well behaved" rarely makes history...

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A meaningful word... where the only road is off. Riding offroad brings an adventure all of it's own. There is much more skill involved than meets the eye. Experience the journey of learning how to do it well with renown international experienced instructors who will help you build the skill you need to ride well in any offroad condition.

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